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Substance Use


I have worked as a therapist in a myriad of settings, including high-end treatment centers treating individuals and family systems with a complex combination of chemical dependency and/or process addiction, trauma history, mood disorders, and personality disorders. 


I understand the culture of high-net-worth individuals and families and will help you navigate the unique struggles and concerns that coincide with wealth or fame and discover ways to cope with these stressors. I can develop creative on-site intensive work in addition to or instead of traditional individual sessions in an office setting.


What can I expect?

Step 1: Screening and Assessment

As we begin, I will facilitate initial screening and assessments to discern best practices and course of treatment. Screening for substance use through standardized tools helps me to identify who may be at risk and implement appropriate treatment plans.

Step 2: Develop Treatment Plan 

Depending on screening and assessment outcomes, you may be referred for detoxification services prior to beginning your counseling work as addressing substance use reduction and safe withdrawal is a primary goal. Adults with substance use issues involving alcohol, marijuana, opioids, and/or stimulants can receive care in a variety of settings and sometimes require withdrawal management, pharmacological treatment, and monitoring as part of their care plan. For individuals in early recovery or without dependency issues, we will develop plans for treatment that are holistic, creative, and collaborative.

Step 3: Implement Treatment Plan

Research suggests best practices include 1. FDA-approved pharmacotherapy together with counseling, 2. Contingency management together with pharmacotherapy and counseling, and 3. Twelve-step facilitation (TSF) therapy together with pharmacotherapy and counseling. We will work together to tailor and engage in your evidence-based treatment plan. 

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